Thank you for supporting Mojo Books & Records!

Our ecommerce site is a work in progress. We do not yet have all of our in-store inventory on our site, but are adding more of it every day! Currently, we have almost all of our new vinyl and many of our books here, but no used vinyl, cds, or movies.  In other words, our in-store selection includes even more titles than you'll see here.

Search tip: use as few search terms as necessary. Omit "the" or "a". For example, search "Beatles" rather than "The Beatles" to return the most search results.

Please note that this database is slightly imperfect. We will fulfill as much of your order as we are able to locate. Hopefully 100%, but our guests can be creative in re-shelving items and items can mysteriously disappear on us. If you are planning a long drive to Mojo for one particular item, we recommend double-checking its stock status with us and allowing us to place it on hold for you.

Our condition standards:
New: brand new
New Special Value: new at a discount; may have a remainder mark (typically a small marker line or dot on a book's page edge or a marker line or cut through a barcode on a cd or dvd case)
Used: our used items have not been individually condition graded for our website. All used items will say "good" condition here, but may range anywhere from well-loved to pristine condition. To better learn an item's condition, we welcome you to give us a call at 813-971-9717.